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Fine wines

The passion and fascination for fine wines is in the blood of our Advanced Sommelier Maximilian Steiner.

In the course of his training, he developed a desire to experience the process of wine production from the vine to the bottle at first hand. With the claim to be one of the most renowned wine hotels in the whole of Tyrol and with over 700 items on the wine list, our sommelier has always strived to be able to present his own house brand of fine wines with that certain something in our Steiner’s Winecellar.

With A M A X, this vision became reality. Behind the name, which symbolizes the connection between Maximilian and his sister Anna, are six exclusive wines, three from the premium and three from the high-end segment. Each wine shines with a full aroma – and an extremely attractive bottle. This captivates with a very special, hand-painted label by local artist Alexander Maria Lohmann – in a characteristic color scheme depending on the type of wine, but always unique.

Anton Bauer Winery

Wine enthusiast Anton Bauer is the fourth generation to run his 40-hectare vineyard on the Wagram. The winemaker with know-how and many years of experience took over his parents’ vineyard with just 3.2 hectares in 1992 and turned it into what it is today with great sensitivity. Bauer’s business stands for regionality and wines shaped by their terroir, which find their way into the bottle through traditional hand-picking. Distinctive in aroma and high in quality, the wines prove themselves on both the domestic and international markets.

Strehn Winery
Central Burgenland

The Strehn winery is known for its straightforward and individual wines. For several years now, the production of rosé has been the focus of the business, which is run by three siblings in the fourth generation. Organic and sustainably cultivated red wine grapes serve as the basis for the wines of the Strehn winery, with Blaufränkisch, typical of Central Burgenland, at the forefront. The winemaking trio has made a name for itself among wine lovers with its imaginative rosé creations in particular, proving with its wines just how flavorful the third wine color can be.

Gesellmann Winery
Central Burgenland

First mentioned in a document in 1719, the Gesellmann winery has been demonstrating its skill and expertise in the production of high-quality wines for many generations. The Gesellmann family’s vineyards cover an area of 50 hectares in the middle of Burgenland, where the conditions for winegrowing are ideal. In organic cultivation since 2015, the winery lovingly accompanies grapes on their way into the bottle in harmony with nature. Quality is Gesellmann’s top priority in order to delight wine lovers all over the world with wines full of finesse.

An interview with our wine experts

A great deal of expertise and passion goes into each of our wines. Find out first-hand what is behind A M A X, how our wines develop their exquisite aroma and what makes us so special as a brand.